Super Buddy Archer

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What is Super Buddy Archer?

Super Buddy Archer
You gotta help the Super Buddies, you must shoot the rope to save them! In this new archery game that you can play for free on our website, you must shoot the rope to save Super Buddies, mannequins that are usually tortured.

In each level, you will see 1 or multiple Super Buddies hanging on the rope and you must use shoot the rope with your bow and arrows before they die. You must use your mouse to aim your shot and the longer you pull towards the direction of where you want to aim, the stronger to shot will be.

You must also pay attention to the stars found in the levels, to collect them you must either shoot them with your arrows or let the buddies fall on them. There are 3 collectible stars on the level. You must also be wary of the number of arrows left because if you run out of arrows before saving the buddies, you'll lose the level.

Some levels are special, instead of shooting the ropes, you must save the buddies by shooting the balloons that are levitating them up. Have fun playing our latest game on!

How to play?

Use the mouse to aim and shoot.

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