Wild West Clash

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What is Wild West Clash?

Wild West Clash

We know for a fact how many boys that visit our website love to come here and play the best new multiplayer shooting games 3d on the internet, and for that very reason, we now wanted to share with you all a brand new must-play game like that, which is called Wild West Clash, a new action-heavy game where you will take part in a wild west shootout against other real players from all over the world!

Wild West Clash: A multiplayer action game for boys

From the main menu, you will hit the play button and then pick the room you want to enter, or you can create your own room and wait for other players to enter it. The rooms can have various rules regarding the time you play and the weapons you can use, and you can also choose the maps you want to fight on, all of them being from the Wild West back in the day.

Just like in a real-life shootout from this time period, your goal is to be the last one standing, so go around, shoot all the other players, and do your best not to get yourself shot, but, instead, survive all the way up until the end!

Use the W, A, S, D keys for moving, space to jump, C for crouching, the mouse to aim and shoot. Select weapons with the number keys, and reload them with R. Start the fun right now, and we wish you all good luck!

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How to play?

Use the W, A, S, D keys, R key, mouse, spacebar, C key.