Pixel Archer Save The Princess

Pixel Archer Save The Princess

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Pixel Archer Save The Princess
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Pixel Archer Save The Princess Overview


One of the most exciting new archery games online on our website has just been added, with our team being very excited to share with you the game called Pixel Archer Save The Princess, an arcade game with really cool pixelated graphics where we've got no doubt at all you will be challenged and have lots of fun at the same time!

Become a top-notch archer to save the princess from danger!

On each level you have a princess in trouble, because enemies and traps are all around her, some on the ground, some in the sky, with some of them being static, but many of them also moving, such as the birds, or the dangerous squirrel that throws nuts at you.

Your goal is to take down all the targets, because only then the princess is saved, and you will use the mouse to aim and shoot your arrows. Tap and hold the left mouse button, aim towards the target, and then release.

Make sure to take out all your enemies in the given number of arrows, because if you go overboard, you lose and have to start all over again, and you can't want that to happen, right?

Each new level poses more threats for you, but we're positive you will get past all of them if you give this game your very best! Good luck!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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