Stop Them All

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What is Stop Them All?

Stop Them All

Visitors of our website always love interesting skill games and timing games that are both fun and funny, which is exactly what we wanted to share with you all right now in the game called Stop Them All, a 3d arcade game unlike we've had here before, despite the big number of games we've added over the years, so we think that it is an absolute must-play for everyone!

Stop the yellow stickmen from escaping!

You will have yellow stickmen in this game who sit on various platforms, and your goal is to prevent them from reaching the end of the course because even if one of them has reached that point, it means they've escaped, and you will have lost the level.

To avoid that from happening you will hit them with hammers, throw bombs on them, and various other fun ways to get rid of them, with the method changing from one level to another.

Know that the traps laid out for the stickmen in each level can only be put in motion when the activate button appears, so wait for the perfect time to click on it, so that you eliminate as many targets in one go as possible.

We're sure that you will focus to get the timing right all the time, and that no matter the difficulty of a level, you will pass it, having fun as only with our games you can have!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.