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Hamburger Overview


We love the chance to bring you new puzzle games with swiping, because interactive puzzle games that are also 3d tend to be really awesome, fresh, and lots of fun, so right at this moment you will have the chance to have the most fun possible with a game such as Hamburger!

Arrange the ingredients and create the perfect hamburger!

In each level of the game you have to create a hamburger from scratch, and between the two buns of bread place all the ingredients required, such as the meat bun, the lettuce, the cheese, the tomatoes, and any other kinds of things that are put inside the burger.

To do so, use the mouse to swipe the items one over another, and if you do it in the correct order, the burger is complete, but if you don't move them in the right order, you will get stuck and be forced to start again from scratch.

When you finish a level you can get a lucky reward, and that happens by tapping on the money button at the bottom, and depending on the timing you will get a multiplier, depending on where you land on the meter.

The hamburgers will have more and more ingredients as you advance, and will be arranged in more complicated ways, so always figure out the perfect order! Good luck!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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