Stickman Team Force 2

Stickman Team Force 2

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Stickman Team Force 2
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Stickman Team Force 2 Overview


Action and shooting games with stickmen have always been received extremely well by the visitors of our website, so we are very delighted that right at this moment we could bring over for you all a brand new game like that, and a high-quality one at that, a game that is called Stickman Team Force 2, where you're about to have a fun shooting experience like none other!

Guide the best team of stickman soldiers and take out all your targets!

First, get to know the controls so that you know how to easily maneuver yourself into this world of stickman wars. Move using the arrow keys, press Z to attack, X to use special attacks, and change heroes using the C key.

You will have three heroes as a part of your team, between which you can change, and in the first level of the game, you find yourself in Egypt, where you have to destroy mummies.

Move around the desert map and kill off all the undead mummies, until there are none left, while protecting your team and making sure not to lose even one member, or you lose the whole game.

The game is that simple, it is an all-out shooting experience, so start it right now, give it your best, and stick around for all the fun still to come!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys, Z, X, C keys.

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