Hair Challenge Online

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What is Hair Challenge Online?

Hair Challenge Online

Hair Challenge Online is a brand new skill game in 3d, this one having a hair theme and definitely being recommended to girls, although we've got no doubt at all that boys would also love to play it from start to finish, since it presents an adventure to be had, one where your focus, skill, and determination are put to the test!

Get the best haircut in the world, and multiply your score!

You will control a girl using the mouse, sliding left and right to move her on the tracks, where you have to advance forward and collect as many stars as possible, which increases your score.

Not only that, but your haircut also gets bigger and more awesome the more you advance, even more so if you step on green or purple-colored spots on the road.

Avoid the red spots, since they cut your hair badly, but so do scissors and various other kinds of obstacles and traps, which must be avoided at all costs.

Upon reaching the end of a road, you have to repeatedly click on the screen to gain speed and then tumble a lot on the bonus road, where the more you advance, the bigger your bonus score becomes.

It is that simple to enjoy this game, and we're sure you will love it a lot, so we hope to see you start it now, only on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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