Ear Clinic

Ear Clinic

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Ear Clinic
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Ear Clinic Overview


We always are down to bringing visitors of ours brand new and awesome doctor games online, even more so when they are also funny, have a different format than most, or are in 3d, which are all qualities of the newest game you get to play on our website right now, the game called Ear Clinic!

Use your mouse skills to clean all the ears!

This game sort of works like an arcade endless clicker game, where you have to use the mouse on one patient after another, each of them having a specific problem, such as ear clay, pimples that need popping, hair that needs removing, and many others.

You simply have to use the mouse to use the tool given for each problem, click and hold while moving above the issue, and then eliminating the target until the ear is clean.

In return you get coins, and you can use those coins in the shop to buy various things to make your job easier, or just to make it way more fun and funny.

We're positive that all the patients coming to your virtual Ear Clinic will be happy with your work, and together with them you will have had tons of fun from start to finish!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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