Zombie Sniper

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Zombie Sniper
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What is Zombie Sniper?

Zombie Sniper

We know already that zombie shooting games are among some of the most popular ones we've got on our website, but what you won't see here very often are zombie sniping games, where you sit back from a distance and try to one-shot as many lurking zombies as possible, but this is precisely the kind of experience we would want you all to have right now and here when playing Zombie Sniper!

Snipe the zombies to end the apocalypse!

In each level, humans are being chased away by zombies, and while there might be only one or two in the first levels, as you progress there will be more zombies attacking, so you need to step your game up as well!

Use the mouse to aim and shoot with the sniping rifle at the zombies, using the limited number of bullets you have to do that, so give it your best to take them down with as few shots as possible.

How? Well, aim for the head, since that will one-shot the zombies. Also, you get money in rewards for completing levels, so try very hard to get lots of rewards, and maybe, later on, use them to buy new weapons and upgrades to help you.

We wish you all the best, tons of fun, and we hope you stick around for all the other great new games you can play here free of charge!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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