Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected

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Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected
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What is Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected?

Gorillas Tiles Of The Unexpected

If you don't know Gorillas already, you should definitely get into their music, since they are one of the first and most popular virtual and animated bands in the world, which has real-life musicians who are hiding as animated characters, and they have been around for more than two decades, being so deep-rooted into popular culture that they now even have an online game that you can play here!

Match the tiles with Gorillas, and have fun!

This is a match 3 game where you have tiles featuring Gorillas band members and their instruments, or things from their various music videos, with you having to find clusters of at least three identical tiles, and, when you found them, click on them.

Keep eliminating groups of tiles until there are no more moves that you can make, with your goal being to clear the screen of all the tiles, and getting a big score in return, simple as that!

There will be three levels that you have to pass in total and know that for each of them you can use up to five hints, which are reliable when you get stuck and don't know what moves to make.

Good luck, enjoy the game, and stick around, since fun never stops on our website!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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