Smarty Bubbles XMAS

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Smarty Bubbles XMAS
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What is Smarty Bubbles XMAS?

Smarty Bubbles XMAS

The great thing about bubble shooting games online is that they are easily adaptable for any kind of genre, season, or holiday, just like we are going to prove to you all right now and here through the addition of Smarty Bubbles XMAS, a Christmas bubble game online that you can also play on mobile devices, and which we highly recommend for you all!

Shoot the Christmas bubbles and have jolly holidays!

You are going to use the mouse to shoot the bubbles from the bottom of the screen, having to hit or create groups of three or more identical bubbles, of the same color, and, when that happens, they get eliminated and you get points in return.

Keep eliminating and shooting bubbles in order to clear them off the screen, without letting them reach and hit the bottom of the screen, because they are slowly descending, and if that happens, you lose.

Good luck to each of you, and we hope that you don't keep the game to yourself, but make sure to invite friends to also have fun with it as often as possible!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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