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Homescapes Overview


Homescapes is quite the unique puzzle game with pins to have been added to our website so far, not only because it is 3d-rendered, but also because it is more dynamic and more active in its presentation, and it also has a different premise from most of the other logic-arcade games in this genre that we've brought you here so far, so let's see what's to do and then give it a chance!

Homescapes: a puzzle game about love!

On each level, you need to help the husband reach his wife, but their house and gardens are literal mazes filled with deathtraps, obstacles, and dangers at any crossroads, so make sure that the man does not get burnt, flooded, hit with spikes, or dies in any other shape or form since the level needs to be restarted if that happens.

Instead, use the mouse to pull the pins in order to pull away gates, barriers, or even trigger things to happen, all in order to help him advance and clear his path towards his wife, because once he reaches her and gives her his present, a bouquet of flowers, you will have completed the level, and we're sure you will have done great each time, no matter how hard they get. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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