Home Appliance Insurrection

Home Appliance Insurrection

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Home Appliance Insurrection
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Home Appliance Insurrection Overview


It's the era of the Home Appliance Insurrection, where fridges, ovens, or vacuum cleaners are making an uprising against their human overlords, with you having the chance to take part in all of this action right now, with this amazing new tile-based arcade game we recommend and which we will teach you to play right now!

Can you survive the Home Appliance Insurrection?

Use the arrow keys to move your human through the house, but don't go on the red tiles, because they are traps laid out by the appliances, and they might kill you if you land on them. Before reaching the end of each level, make sure to collect all the three stars in the different rooms, if you want to get points and advance properly.

Some of the robots move around, and they create red tiles in their wake, so be extra careful of them, by trying to get in their blind spots and avoid them at all costs. Sometimes you will have to collect keys along the way to open the doors that will allow you to complete the levels.

Each new level will give you a more complicated stage, but if you focus and always strive forward, you will complete them all and have the best time possible, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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