Smartphone Tycoon

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What is Smartphone Tycoon?

Smartphone Tycoon

Do you have what it takes to become a Smartphone Tycoon? The world of tech business is ever-growing but competitive at the same time and this latest idle and strategy game to have been added on our website manages to simulate that very well, with you surely having a hard but also fun time growing your smartphone business from scratch!

Let's become the next big Smartphone Tycoon!

Start by choosing the name of your company, as well as your avatar as CEO, which can be either a girl or a boy. Hire your first employee, and with the money that he earns at his desk, hire even more of them.

The more employees you have, the more money you acquire as time goes by, and that can be used to develop the business even more, and improve your infrastructure.

All of the upgrades that you make to your business will make it so that with each click or passing second you earn more money, all idly, so try to see how far you can go.

It's an endless game where your patience will be tested, but rewarded with the chance at getting at the top of the world's biggest and most lucrative areas, phones, as everyone's got one!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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