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Video Game Tycoon

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Video Game Tycoon
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Video Game Tycoon Overview


Do you dream about becoming a Video Game Tycoon? Well, you can do it in real life, we believe in you, but why don't you attempt a trial run right now, through one of the best new idle clicker/simulation games on our website? We guarantee a ton of fun to be had, no matter if you're playing it on PC or mobile, and to make sure of that we will now give you more info on what you have to do and how!

Become the Video Game Tycoon you always dreamt of becoming!

Start off by choosing the name of the company you will work on, and you then choose the avatar of your CEO, which can be male or female, and there are multiple choices to pick from, in hopes that most people get represented. You will then hire your first worker, who will also sit on a computer, just like you do. The more workers you hire, the more the money per click you earn will grow.

You can either tap and hold or use the tap-tap method to make money for your clicks, which you then invest in video games you build. Those video games bring more revenue to the company, which you will invest to earn more so that you get money when even you're not clicking, and even more of it when you are doing so.

Diversify your portfolio of games, as you can give them different names, and you can build them for PCs, mobile devices, consoles, arcades, and more. It's quite that simple and fun, and we are sure that you will now have one of the best idle gaming experiences, and it will help you in your future career!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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