Squid Gun Fest

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Squid Gun Fest
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What is Squid Gun Fest?

Squid Gun Fest

Trust us when we say that Squid Gun Fest is going to be one of the best shooting games online to have been added in the Squid Game category of our website, where you get to use heavy artillery to take revenge on the red guards that have tormented the green-tracksuit players.

Let's shoot it up at the Squid Gun Fest!

You will have a couple of guns to start with, using the mouse to move them left and right. Enter through blue gates that increase your number of guns, using them to shoot the red guards along the course, getting piles of money in return if you collect them. Money can be used in the main menu to buy new kinds of weapons/guns.

Be careful not to enter through the red gates, since they will decrease your firepower, and hitting enemies is also bad because if it happens too much, you might lose. Some obstacles have numbers on them, which represent the number of shots you have to take to them to destroy them and pass.

Each new level will have a more difficult run than the one before, but the level of fun also increases, and we're sure you will be satisfied from start to finish!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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