Extreme Cycling

Extreme Cycling

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Extreme Cycling
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Extreme Cycling Overview


Are you up to do some Extreme Cycling online? We hope you are because that is our brand new bicycle racing game in 3D we highly recommend, where we are sure that you will be having tons of fun from start to finish, just like we've had, otherwise we would not have shared it with you in the first place!

Do Extreme Cycling online with no real-life risks!

You will use the mouse to accelerate, holding it to do so and moving to control your bike, with which you are aiming to reach and cross the finish line with a spot as good as possible since you are racing against other bikers as well.

The tracks are filled with traps and obstacles, so be careful about them, because if you fall or have an accident, you lose then and there and have to start all over again from scratch.

If you can jump the ramps, you will get some extra points, and that is also true for those at the end when you will be dropped on a bonus wheel.

There will be a total of six tracks, each one more difficult than the one before, but the number of coins you win also gets bigger, so aim for a big one to buy new bikes, skins, upgrades, or cool and useful stuff.

Start now, and don't leave anywhere else, since we will keep bringing you the best new games on the internet, guaranteed!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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