Trampoline Stickman

Trampoline Stickman

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Trampoline Stickman
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Trampoline Stickman Overview


Games like Trampoline Stickman don't come by so often, as they are precious, unique, and fun, so from the bottom of our hearts we would love if right now you were to play this awesome new arcade game, which we would highly recommend to anyone who is ready to do some awesome tricks!

Become the most agile stickman on a trampoline!

As the stickman jumps on the trampoline, hold the right mouse button for a front-flip, the left mouse button for a back-flip, and try making as many of them as possible without missing the landing, because if you hit yourself, you die and have to start again. But, the more flips you make, the higher your score gets, and this is what you are trying to achieve in the Classic mode.

The same thing you do in the Timed mode, but there you have to achieve a certain number of stars before the timer hits zero seconds. For the Arcade mode, you are given the number of tricks you have to perform to clear each level. Good luck with all that, and keep playing, since that is the only key towards winning!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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