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Top Guns IO Overview


Top Guns IO is the perfect game for you to play right now if you were thirsty for some new battle royale games for browsers in multiplayer and with awesome graphics and fun gameplay, because this is precisely what this game offers, and much more, as we would highly recommend it to boys and girls alike!

Top Guns IO Online: a multiplayer shooting game for free!

If you come back to play the game daily you get rewards in coins just for that, and with coins, you earn along the way you can buy new heroes and guns. The first two heroes available are Bob and Mabel, and you can unlock others down the road:

  • Jack
  • Pepper
  • Ray
  • Maria
  • Victor

A Big Boy is the first available weapon, and other ones you can unlock are:

  • Coach
  • Wesson
  • Rowdy
  • Tesla
  • Colorado
  • Typer
  • Pyromancer
  • Rang
  • Destroyer
  • Quadzooka
  • Siege

The Battle Royale mode only gets unlocked after reaching the fifth level, so until then, try the Deathmatch mode and do your best there! Multiple players enter the maps, and you have to shoot them down before they can shoot and kill you first. Move with WASD, and use the mouse to shoot by clicking the firing button.

The premise and format are all that simple and fun, so now that you've gotten familiar with everything, nothing should hold you back from starting the fun right away, after which we invite you to even more of them!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, mouse.

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