Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem

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What is Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem?

Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem

The adventures from Zombie Mission 10 are not over with, as right now we want to invite you all to have tons of fun while experiencing even more mayhem, which is how this new chapter is called, where the zombies that threaten humanity are back in full force, even more, dangerous than before!

Zombie Mission 10 is back, now with more fun and more mayhem!

As per usual, two players take control of two characters, one man and one woman, both soldiers, who have to deal with the zombies that have invaded the Earth, now having to take them on through 20 levels, each one more difficult than the one before it.

Move through the levels, avoid traps and dangers that you will encounter, and defeat the zombies you encounter, as well as their bosses. If you find weapons and tools, use them to your advantage. With the points, you earn you can buy all kinds of awesome new skins, buy upgrades, weapons, and more cool stuff in the shop.

The controls are simple, and they are:

  • Player 1: W, A, S, D to move and jump, F to hit, G for the grenade, Q-E to switch weapons.
  • Player 2: ARROWS to move and jump, L to hit, K for the grenade, O-P to switch weapons.

Let's start all the fun, have a good teamwork to succeed, and check out more of our games in two players, you aren't going to be disappointed!

How to play?

P1: WASD, G, F, Q-E.

P2: ARROWS, L, K, O-P.

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