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BattleTabs Overview


BattleTabs represents one of the best-ever Battleship Games in multiplayer, which is an experience you have not had here before, that's for sure, so it will be fresh and interesting, especially since you are going to use Viking ships instead of the classic modern ones you are used to.

BattleTabs: a multiplayer war game with ships!

Before starting the round you can place and rotate your ships on the tiles however you want, and then you aim to shoot down and sink all the enemy ships before they can do that to you first, with each player having their turn to shoot.

Use the mouse to take aim at the tiles on the other side, as you won't see where their ships are, and if you hit them, figure out their placement to fully sink them. Use the special abilities of the ships, but know that they are limited, of course.

We want to wish you all good luck and tons of fun, we hope you have great strategies, and we hope that this is far from being the final new game you're playing here today free of charge!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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