Stickman Skyblock Parkour

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What is Stickman Skyblock Parkour?

Stickman Skyblock Parkour

Stickman Skyblock Parkour is going to be one of the best new two-player games with stickmen from our website, a combo that we promise you will really enjoy top to bottom since we've got two pixelated characters, a blocky world, and the chance to pull off some of the craziest parkour stunts, virtually, which is where they should remain!

It's time to do Stickman Skyblock Parkour online!

Move and jump with Red using the WASD keys, and do the same with Blue using the ARROW keys. Jump from one tile to another, making sure not to fall into the pits in between, and reach the end of each level to finish it. If one of you falls and dies, both of you lose the level, so work as a team and win instead!

That is the basic premise, and while each level might get harder than the one before, they also become more fun and interesting, so we wish you the best and tons of fun!

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How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.