Maiden Cops

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What is Maiden Cops?

Maiden Cops

Maiden Cops is one hell of a beat-'em-up street fighter game we are delighted to offer you right now, because not only it is a new game made with a throwback style to pixelated and 8bit games, but it also features three anime girls who work as cops regulating the crime in the city, something you help them with by defeating all the criminals they encounter on the streets!

Join the Maiden Cops in beating up the criminals in their city!

While this is still the demo version, so you can't access all three characters, there will be three of them in the full mode, and they are:

  • Priscila Salamander: a recently-graduated cop who is full of energy and always dreamt about having this job.
  • Nina Usagi: despite her soft and cute looks, she is the most experienced in the team, assuming the leadership role.
  • Meiga Holstaur: she might be shy, sweet, and friendly, but she has the brute strength to compensate when defeating bad guys.

Use the arrow keys to move the characters, the A key to jump, and S to attack. Roam the city streets, and survive until the timer hits zero seconds by defeating all the criminals you encounter, beating them up with your attacks. If you let your health bar deplete, you lose, so fight your hardest and survive instead, having tons of fun as only here is possible!

How to play?

Use the arrows, A, S keys.

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