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What is Loopush?


Loopush is a puzzle game with logic elements that are interactive, and, most importantly, really cute, as it features two cute bunny-like creatures, one being you from the past, one being you from the future, and through using loops you will help them solve the Sokoban puzzles!

Let's solve all the puzzles from Loopush online!

There are three stages in total, each with four levels, so you will need to complete no less than 12 amazing levels that get progressively harder, but also bring you into new worlds to explore!

To complete the level you need to push the box into the tile with the flag, get past various obstacles, and use the movements of both the white and the black rabbit. Use the arrows to move the rabbits.

The black one is your shadow, and it will copy your moves from the previous loop, so make one go with the white rabbit, then another one, and work together to push the box into its place.

If you press Space, you will stay in place for a step, and then the actions of the shadow come after you. These are the mechanics, so try them out yourself, figure out each level, and have fun. If you enjoy this game, why not share it with your friends as well?

How to play?

Use the arrows, spacebar.

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