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FireBlob Overview


FireBlob is a brand new arcade game with action, adventure, running, and jumping elements, which we now invite enthusiasts of all these formats to try out right away, since it is high-quality, available to play on PC, phone, tablet, and it features no less than 28 amazing levels for you to play and attempt to conquer, which we are positive will bring about tons of joy for you all!

Let's go on a FireBlob adventure online right now!

Move left, right, and jump using the A, D, and W keys, and get the fire blob to reach the wood because when the fire is started, all the fires are on each level, that is when you will have cleared the level.

Make sure not to fall between the platforms and reach the abyss, because when that happens, you lose the level. Ice blocks can be moved on, but they will melt because of your flames, so use that to your advantage, not to your demise.

Each new level features a more complicated layout for your platforms and targets, with new kinds of pits, obstacles, and traps being added, so find the best way to get past all of them and finish your job!

Surely you've understood what is to be done here, so let the fun begin, and don't hesitate to share the game with friends as well, we always bring new and interesting content over for you!

How to play?

Use the W, A, D keys.

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