Merge Race 3D

Merge Race 3D

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Merge Race 3D
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Merge Race 3D Overview


Welcome all to Merge Race 3D, which is meant to increase our offering of new hypercasual runner games 3D, a genre that has only grown in popularity over the last few years, and we can clearly see why. While the format has its basics that it always utilizes, each new game brings something new and fun to the table, such as the merging element that you will now surely love experiencing!

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Your avatar will be lab-grown, created by you by merging together the DNA of various animals, such as a spider and a giraffe to start things off, and it is these animal traits that will help it punch walls down, climb mountains, and get past any kinds of obstacles put in each race.

You compete against avatars created by the computer, and if you beat them to the finish line, you earn money that unlocks new DNA traits of other animals, which we invite you to merge, making your test experiment even bigger, stronger, and faster with each new animal addition.

This is the key to winning later races, as each new obstacle course gets more complicated and difficult than the one before, so you also need a better racer to face it. As we've said, you've got a new kind of game right in front of you, so give it a go, and see for yourself why it was a must-have game for us!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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