Ball Rush

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What is Ball Rush?

Ball Rush

Ball Rush continues the trend of endless runner games with hypercasual elements that have taken the internet like a storm in the past few years, and knowing just how much fun we have had with it, we could not have missed the chance to share it with you for anything in the world, hence now you having this chance to enjoy it too!

It's Ball Rush time online!

Move the ball using the mouse on the computer and the finger on mobile devices, avoiding all the spikes and various obstacles on the neon road because the more distance you manage to advance through the courses, the bigger your score becomes, and keep focused on it, because as you advance, the speed gets faster, and the tracks more difficult.

It's as easy and fun as that, so now that you've been made aware of all these elements, let the fun begin as only here is possible, and make sure to tell your friends all about our website as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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