Human Ball 3D

Human Ball 3D

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Human Ball 3D
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Human Ball 3D Overview


Human Ball 3D is yet another awesome, simple, and fun mobile-friendly hypercasual runner game online 3D with skill elements that we highly recommend to all our visitors, right after we've had tons of fun with it ourselves, which is how we can now explain how the game goes!

Make the biggest Human Ball 3D online!

Drag the mouse or finger on the screen, left and right, and do it so that you collect humans and put them into a ball, but also go through the gates with additions and multipliers on them, so that you make it even bigger, so that at the end of the game you are able to run through and destroy as many walls to get lots of extra points.

So, grab people, coins, and multipliers, while you avoid the bad gates, as well as falling into pits, or hitting traps and dangers along the way, even using ramps to jump above them.

It's as simple as that, so now that you've surely understood, try to finish as many levels as possible, and see for yourselves why you are always making a good decision when playing more games like this one!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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