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MazeTooBig Overview


Games such as MazeTooBig come about quite rare these days, as we're talking about really complicated yet really fun maze games online, which is the kind of experience we are now glad to share with you all, where we think that children and adults who never give up are going to enjoy this game the most, for sure!

Escape the MazeTooBig online!

With the arrow keys, you move a cute small dog through a maze, one which, as the title suggests, is too big, as you won't see it from above completely, meaning that you will have to explore it directly and go from one spot to another and try to find the keys first, and then the exit.

If you take a path that is 'wrong', at least you will rule it out and be able to take a new one, having to go up against not a timer, but a decreasing point number. Try to find the path out of the maze at least before you have one point because if you reach zero points and are still stuck, you will have lost.

Now that you've surely understood the premise, you must be ready to start having fun, just as our team has had!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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