Food Venture Master

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What is Food Venture Master?

Food Venture Master

Food Venture Master is yet another amazing idle business game online with restaurant serving elements, which seem to be the most popular ones out here, so of course, we could not have missed the chance of sharing this one with you for anything in the world, even more so because it is also a 3D game at the same time!

Become a Food Venture Master online!

With the mouse you will interact with your surroundings, all of them, beginning by opening up a lemonade stand, which is the easiest one, to begin with, selling lemonade, getting money in return, and then using it to upgrade the food stall, and the various statistics surrounding it.

In this way, you slowly but surely get more money, and in addition to the lemonade stand, you will open up other kinds of the venture, ones that make even more money. Just like with real businesses, the top is where you want it to be, so work as hard as you want to make as much money as you imagine doing, even if it is virtual!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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