Moving Co

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What is Moving Co?

Moving Co

Welcome to Moving Co, one of the most interesting takes we've had to matching games online in quite a while, first of all, because the game is in 3D, and because instead of matching tiles with one another, you are matching furniture, electronics, and other items meant to be packaged away and moved to a new house, as you're part of the moving company team. Let's see how you do all this, shall we?

Match the packages for the Moving Company!

As items are thrown randomly on the screen, use the mouse to pick two of the same kind and put them in the box, doing so to match all of the identical pairs of items, and when all of them have been placed inside the box, through matching them, the level is complete.

Do that before the time granted for each stage runs out on you, and know that the faster you move, the more money you are going to earn in return, for doing a good job. Each new level features more items to match and pack away, but more fun at the same time, of course. Good luck, enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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