Getting Over Snow

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What is Getting Over Snow?

Getting Over Snow

Getting Over Snow is a skill game with elements of climbing, as you are trying to get over a mountain full of snow and ice, an experience we are positive you have not seen before on our website with any other games, so you should be ready to have a novel experience, as we wish to provide you with on our website all the time!

It's hard Getting Over Snow, but possible if you try your best!

Hold the mouse or finger on the screen to extend your arm over the mountain, and hold as much distance as you need so that you avoid traps and obstacles, because they will cause you to fall off. Instead, grab gems, power-ups, and cool stuff you might find along the way, while also aiming to reach the pandas at the top to free them and clear the level.

Try to see how far up the mountain and through the levels you can get, how many gems you can collect, and you will see also just how much fun you can have, something that we've already tested ourselves. Enjoy!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.