Paper Rush

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What is Paper Rush?

Paper Rush

Paper Rush is one of the most charming new platform-adventure games with jumping elements added into it, a hypercasual arcade game we highly recommend to both the fans of the genre and the newcomers to it, since everyone can have a ton of fun with it, for different reasons!

Let's go on a Paper Rush online!

The title of the game comes from the fact that you find yourself in a notebook, on paper, where the world, as well as the square character with two eyes that you control, are all made out of sketches.

As the square moves forward through the courses, you need to click or tap in order to make it jump, pressing twice for double jumps, because if you fall in between the platforms, in the pits, you lose.

You also lose if you hit the spikes or any other kinds of obstacles and traps that might appear. Instead of doing that, grab as many stars as you can from the course, to get 3/3 per level, and reach the ink portal at the finish line to advance to the next level.

Let all the fun begin right now and here since you now have all the tools you require to do a great job at this new adventure we recommend it to you all!



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How to play?

Use the mouse.