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Worm Overview


Worm is the Fancade take on snake games that we know many of you adore playing already, but this time we enter into a blocky world, with a worm instead of a snake, and with an even bigger puzzle element to the game, so we really hope that you will be ready to have this fresh new experience right now and here, just like we did, hence why we've shared it with you all!

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In each level you need to move the Worm, using the arrow keys to do so, on the blocked map, where you need to make it go through the fruits, also blocky, and this way grows in size, and when all of the fruits have been eaten by the worm, the level will have been completed, and the next one is unlocked.

Of course, with each new level, there will be a more complicated arrangement of the fruits and the worm, and obstacles also appear, so before you start moving around, make sure to look carefully at what is in front of you, and make sure not to bump into yourself, you will lose when that happens.

Good luck and the best we wish each and every one of you, and when you're done with this game, see what other great games we've been bringing you here all day long, all free and unblocked!

How to play?

Use the arrows.



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