Merge And Invade

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What is Merge And Invade?

Merge And Invade

Welcome, all to Merge And Invade, a brand new hypercasual merging game in 3D with stickmen characters, where you also have elements coming from building games and idle games all at once, so we are sure that the many fans of all these genres will now get together and have a real ton of fun!

Let's Merge And Invade!

Use the mouse or finger to control the movements of your blue stickman, moving them around to get the little white ones from the spawners, and use them to buy more spawners, military bases, and various other facilities, so that you can grow a big army of blue soldiers.

When those soldiers have been spawned, you get to send them out in battle against the red army, whom you need to have a bigger number, so that you clear them out, invade their spot, and advance to the next level, where you do the same, but now in a bigger level of difficulty.

Start right now, as you know all that you need, you can start playing right away, as it is the genre, and we hope to see you around for even more great content of the day we will bring along for you all!


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How to play?

Use the mouse.