Mob Control

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What is Mob Control?

Mob Control

Our tradition of bringing you the newest hypercasual games 3D on the internet is going to continue today as well, when our team is happy to share with you the game called Mob Control, a new game involving stickmen, fights, math, shooting, and all things that make this genre as fun and beloved as it is, and in the following part of the article we will also explain all you need to know regarding it!

Can you control the mob?

Use the mouse on PCs and the finger on mobile devices to control the cannon that shoots blue stickmen, and shoot them through the gates with multipliers and additions, in order to increase the number of your army as much as possible, so that you defeat the box at each checkpoint.

Each red box has a number on it which represents how many blue stickmen you need to send out in battle, and sometimes they send out red stickmen to face you, so make sure to have more soldiers and defeat them.

Go from one checkpoint to another until you reach the end of each course, but know that they only get more difficult as you keep on playing so that things also get more fun all at the same time!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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