Ball Legs 3D

Ball Legs 3D

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Ball Legs 3D
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Ball Legs 3D Overview


Ball Legs 3D is one of the best new hypercasual games online in 3D inspired by football (soccer) our website, where we know that the combination of these two formats is going to be beloved by boys and men all over the world, but anyone and everyone is invited to have fun with this game nonetheless, as we know first-hand just how awesome it can be!

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Your ball will have legs on it which come out when you click or tap on the screen and then hold, and when you release, the legs retreat. Alternate between these actions to go faster and slower, but also to go above obstacles or underneath them, as you need to alternate and always be ahead of the other balls you are racing against.

Reach the multiplier bonus stairs at the end of the course, right after the finish line, ahead of the other players if you wish to become the winner, otherwise, you lose. Each new course gets more difficult than the one before, as you would expect, but if you always are giving your best, you will win nonetheless, we are highly positive about that! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.



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