Monkee Run

Monkee Run

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Monkee Run
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Monkee Run Overview


Monkee Run has arrived at the perfect time, just as we've developed for our fanbase a new category of monkey games online because if this is your favorite animal from the jungle, or maybe any kind of habitat, you would like to play more with them, as we're giving you the chance to do right now with this amazing new endless runner game in 3D!

Go on a Monkee Run online for fun and, well, bananas!

Use the arrow keys for moving left, and right, but also jumping, so that you avoid the obstacles in your path, such as rocks, wooden roadblocks, and other kinds, because if you hit them, the monkey stops there and then.

You are aiming to advance forward with it a distance as big as possible, but also try collecting as many bananas as you can along the way, which will also go into your score, which you should submit if you think is good enough, and compare it with players across the world!

It has never been more simple to have fun like this, so start at once, and don't stop, since the day is far from over, meaning more awesome games are on the way right now!

How to play?

Use the mouse or the arrows.

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