Monkey Fight

Monkey Fight

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Monkey Fight
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Monkey Fight Overview


Monkey Fight is here to answer the question: would street fighting games online in 3D be even better if they had monkeys instead of humans? Well, that's what we're about to find out, and we can guarantee from our own experience that it is really good, with this amazing battle game for boys, where you go out into the jungle and fight as monkeys against monkeys, which will surely be something else from what you're used to!

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Your controls are something you must learn first: use WASD to move, Z to punch, X to kick, C to block, and jump by pressing the spacebar. Of course, for mobile users, you get touchscreen buttons for all these actions.

In each level, you travel through the exotic locations you are found with as the monkey, and you encounter monkeys that attack you, having to defeat them all to clear the level and know that from one stage to another, they get stronger, and there will be a bigger number of them.

As you win the fights, you earn bananas as a reward, and they can be used in the main menu to buy new monkeys to use, with each of the new ones being stronger than the other.

Of course, as you fight, if your health bar depletes, you lose. Make sure that you make combos between the types of hits you can make, so that you can deal more damage, and don't hesitate to block when hit to survive longer.

Let's start the monkey business right now, have fun like never before, and make sure to invite your friends to do the same, monkey see, monkey do!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, Z, X, C keys, and the spacebar.

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