Sieger Rebuilt Destroy

Sieger Rebuilt Destroy

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Sieger Rebuilt Destroy
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Sieger Rebuilt Destroy Overview


Sieger Rebuilt Destroy is a new action, skill, and shooting game all into one, certainly one of the best new experiences we got to provide you here in a while, where you get to destroy castles using cannons, an experience that is always a blast, and you can now also have it on mobile devices, so you should have plenty of reasons to give it a chance with confidence!

Sieger Rebuilt Destroy: a cannon shooting game with castles!

In each level, you use the mouse on PCs and the finger on mobile devices to click/tap where you want to shoot your cannonballs, and you should figure out what are the weak points of each castle because if you can manage to hit into them, you will deal lots of damage with just one shot.

If you run out of shots and parts of the castle and its soldiers are still standing up, you lose that level and need to start it again. You get ranked and rewarded based on how few shots it takes you to defeat the enemy soldiers and tear down their castle, so aim to do better in that with each new stage.

Of course, for each level, the castles get harder to bring down, but we are sure that your skills will also increase. Let's start right now, there's no time to waste, and we hope to see more of you here since we never run out of new games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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