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Puzzle Love

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Puzzle Love
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Puzzle Love Overview


Puzzle Love is, as the title so clearly suggests, a puzzle game all about love, since we have a block representing a boy, and one representing a girl, who form a couple that loves each other very much, and you need to make sure that the two of them get together and are reunited, getting past the forces that have made them separate!

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In each level you have the two blocks representing the boy and girl, some blocks that can be slid and moved around, and some that are static, and which you cannot move even if you wanted to.

Use the mouse or finger to slide the blocks around in such a way that the boy and girl are going to be placed next to each other one, a moment at which they kiss, and you complete the stage.

The following puzzle is going to be more complicated than the one before it, of course, but the challenge is what makes the game become even more fun.

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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