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Love Pins Online

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Love Pins Online
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Love Pins Online Overview

There are going to be hardly any better interactive puzzle games online for you to play today for free on our website than Love Pins Online, which is a game that is inspired by the highly-popular love and rescue games online that have been popping off recently, only this couple is made out of two regular people, a boy, and a girl, and not a knight and a princess.

Learn how to help the couple get together by pulling pins around

The girl and the boy will be trapped in the same castle, but they are on different levels and in different parts of it, and they are separated from one another by pins. Use the mouse to pull the pins in the order that is best for the two of them to get together, and if you get it wrong, you lose and have to start the level again.

What stands between the two lovers?

In some levels of the game there will be one or more robbers moving through the castle, and make sure to avoid the two characters touching them, because that means losing the game. Instead, try to get rid of them through acts such as pulling a pin to make a rock be dropped on their heads, which eliminates them and allows you to reunite the two lovers!

Good luck through all the levels we wish you, no matter how difficult they might get!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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