Break & Crush

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What is Break & Crush?

Break & Crush

Break & Crush is a new hypercasual destroyer game online in 3D, a format that is increasingly getting more popular and beloved on our website, which is why we are confident that you will right now want to give it a chance, even more so since similar games in the past have done very well, so why would the same not be true for this one as well?

Let's Break & Crush all the block figures!

Huge buildings made out of blocks or bricks made in the image of your favorite characters, such as Red from Among Us, will be sitting there for you to break and crush until you fill up the progress bar, so use the mouse to hand the rotating wheel, or other kinds of weapons given to you to achieve that goal.

In return for all the bricks you break and crush you get coins, allowing you to buy yourself some cooler weapons, and keep the fun fresh and going on from one level to another. Let's start right away, only here, after which we promise you even more amazing games to follow, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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