Mining To Riches

Mining To Riches

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Mining To Riches
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Mining To Riches Overview


Mining To Riches is a brand new mining puzzle game online that our team is very happy to be sharing with you all on our website free of charge right now, since the combinations of formats that go into this game are certainly going to be to your liking, just like it had been for when we played it ourselves, one of the main reasons for sharing it now with you all!

Mining To Riches online has never been more fun, let's do it!

Use the mouse to mine through the dirt paths that will make the colored riches fall into the truck at the bottom of the screen, but, along the way, if there are also white balls in other pockets of the ground, draw the path through them. When they are hit by the colored bubbles, they also get colorful.

Do this to amass as much treasure as possible by the time all the balls hit the cargo truck, and the more you mine out of the ground, the more stars you get from that level, as you can get from one to three.

The puzzle in each new level is harder than the last one, of course, but also more fun, we promise. Let's start now, only here, and we hope to see you around for even more fun to come!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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