Funny Battle Simulator 2

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What is Funny Battle Simulator 2?

Funny Battle Simulator 2

Welcome to Funny Battle Simulator 2, a new fighting simulator game online in 3D on our website, also a strategy and war game at the same time, and we believe that you should have all the reasons to play it right now, and if you don't believe us, allow you to teach you the game, so you can start giving it your best!

Try our Funny Battle Simulator 2 online!

Add units on the battlefield for your army, such as:

  • caveman
  • headless
  • horseman
  • atlant
  • bear minigun
  • elephant

Then, let the battle simulate, as the game will do that, and if you added better units, and made yourself a bigger and better army, you will overtake them and win, but be careful not to let that happen to you. If it does, regroup, and in the next stage, make sure to prepare better to win.

Now that you've understood, feel confident to let the game begin, only here and now, and we hope to see you around for even more of them to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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