Woodturning Simulator

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What is Woodturning Simulator?

Woodturning Simulator

Woodturning Simulator is a hypercasual skill game 3D that we highly recommend to each and every one of you, as we've already played it ourselves, and knew that it deserved to be played by you as well, and since this has an artistic feel to it, as it deals with an older form of trade and art, we think you should be very curious!

Try our Woodturning Simulator online right now!

In each mode you play, carving or creating, follow the shapes and designs that you are given, since those are the items you have to make out of wood, and with the tools you interact using the mouse, moving them over the wood in the correct way to finish all the designs and make something really interesting.

Each new level will feature a design that is more difficult than the one prior to it, but it will also be more fun. Start now, only here, and don't stop here, since there are more great games in store for you, as you should expect, and we hope to see you play them as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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