Office Conflict

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What is Office Conflict?

Office Conflict

Office Conflict is going to be one of the best new FPS shooting games online in 3D from our website that we are bringing you all here today, which is why we kept it for last, and we have no doubt in the world that you will enjoy it plenty, just like it had been the case for us all!

Solve the Office Conflict with your guns!

Terrorists have invaded an office building with lots of money and important documents, and you were sent in as the swat leader to dispose of them before they can steal anything of value, so before the time granted for each level, make sure to go on all the floors of the building and shoot them all down. Of course, if they shoot you too much, you lose, so focus on not letting it happen!

Use WASD to move, space to jump, shift to run, aim and shoot using the mouse, and press R to reload. The surprise is, the other shooters are also real people, as this is a multiplayer game, so no matter the role you see yourself in, you should still shoot to survive and outrank the others. Good luck, and hopefully we see you here tomorrow as well!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, spacebar, shift key, the mouse, and R.

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