Attack Black Hole

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What is Attack Black Hole?

Attack Black Hole

Attack Black Hole is yet another game inspired by, a classic in the world of hypercasual games, but this time you will have a little bit of a different experience since you're not only going to eat things around you, but you will use them to attack, something we will tell you more about right now, making sure that you give your best to this game!

Use the Attack Black Hole to defeat the monsters!

Use the WASD keys or the mouse to drag your black hole around, with which you have to eat weapons such as bullets, or whatever else the level presents you with, and when all have been collected, fire them back at the monster in the boss fight by holding the attack button on the screen.

In each level you do the same, but only with a higher degree of difficulty, with traps being added into the mix, which you should avoid, and bigger monsters that you have to defeat. Now that you know all this, start right away with full confidence, and tell your friends all about our games too!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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