Bundle Beeline

Bundle Beeline

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Bundle Beeline
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Bundle Beeline Overview


Bundle Beeline is a new retro-like arcade platform-adventure game online set in a pixelated world that is quite colorful and lots of fun to be inside, where your goal is to deliver packages, something we will now tell you more about so that you can give this game your very best and enjoy it to the fullest!

Let's go on a Bundle Beeline!

Go around with your character to find packages that need to be delivered, pick them up with X, use Z to jump around, and make sure to get past any kind of obstacles, traps, and sticky situations you encounter along the way so that you reach the delivery destination and drop them off successfully.

Use the three compasses at the top of the screen to figure out where on the map you need to reach, and be careful not to lose packages along the way, because if that happens, of course, you ruin the mission and lose. Start now, only here, and stick around for even more fun to come as only here is guaranteed to have, and tomorrow is going to be yet another great day, we promise!

How to play?

Use Z, X and R.

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Author: Squidly

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