Granny Jorik

Granny Jorik

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Granny Jorik
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Granny Jorik Overview


Granny Jorik is, as the title suggests, one of the newest horror games 3D online from our website to feature Granny, a character that has become quite popular already, and we've got no doubt at all that you are going to really enjoy the experience of surviving her horrors, something we will now teach you how to do, worry not!

Can you survive the scary Granny Jorik online?

Move with WASD, look around with the mouse, use G to throw items, C to sit down, Q to get out of hiding, and E for general interaction with items.

You have to walk about the haunted house of this character, making sure she does not catch you because you get killed for that and lose the game.

Instead, hide or run away from her, all the while you try finding the objects that will help you escape from her, and make sure to find your way to freedom or defeat this demonic force with your findings.

Start right now, there should be no caution when playing new great games, and make sure to stick around for many more to come, we've always got something up our sleeves, as you will see!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, G, C, Q, E.

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